Hospitality: Hisitory Politics and Culture

Task Description:

As you may have found in assignment 2, it is becoming clear that hotel companies are increasingly using the concept of ‘home’ as a way to design, develop, market and indeed deliver, the hospitality experience. 

You have been employed as a consultant by a hotel or tourist company to prepare a report on the ways that commercial (and other types of) accommodation providers are making use of home to market their ‘offering’.

You have also been tasked with suggesting ways your organisation might make use of these concepts and why.

Be sure to:

provide some background to the business that has employed you as a consultant (this will allow your tutor/ lecturer to situate the business)
structure this assignment as a formal business report 
include rationale for your recommendations. This might include making use of current academic research (and literature) in order to strengthen your argument/discussion.


Possible solution:

The present operating environment for many businesses globally and in particular the hospitality industry is characterized by intense competition that leads businesses to adopt new strategies that will boost their competitive edge in the market. The primary goal of a hotel firm is to make ready the products and services that it has to offer to its clients at the convenience and preference of the client. In this regard, Hilton Worldwide has a global operation that operates over 745,000 rooms in more than 100 countries and territories. Under its Hilton Hotels and resorts brand, the company manages 206,635 rooms in 85 countries and territories. The strategy that is employed at Hilton Worldwide is reliant on an understanding of the consumer and the development of a culture that is not only sensitive to changes in the needs of the consumer, but also delivers offerings that are based on core concepts that do not change. One of the core concepts that Hilton Worldwide operates on is that the type of commercial hospitality that they offer is an extension of the hospitality accorded to guests at home and as a result, Hilton Worldwide is among the organizations in the hospitality industry that are making use of home to market their offerings.

Commercial hospitality has been observed to increasingly borrow from home hospitality in recent decades. While the relationship between commercial hospitality and home hospitality can be traced back much further, there remains a distinct difference between the two. Hotels and other accommodation providers in the past few years have been increasingly using the concept of home to market their offerings. Some researchers argue that travellers are increasingly looking for hotel rooms that offer comfort, coziness and a sensation similar to being at home. According to some researchers, the present economic situation limits the spending that most business travellers can afford and as a result, they spend more time in their hotel rooms than they do going out to pursue entertainment. On the other hand, researchers contend that leisure travelers are on the search for hotels that appeal to their fantasy, carry a sense of adventure, and offer luxury. Due to this, the Hilton Worldwide has offered plush seating for its guests in their rooms with a theater style arrangement that not only provides a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere for travelers to use their mobile devices, but also offers the feeling of being at home….

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