Writing Instructions

Read the article and write aminimum 3-page paper (typed, double-spaced, 1 margins, 12-point Times New Roman font) that addresses the following points: 

  1. What is the main point(s) of the article? 
  2. What are the main research methods and results of the study (or studies) reported in this article? (Make sure that you put this information in your own words to avoid plagiarism – changing a word here or there is still plagiarism. If you must, use no more than 1-2 short, direct quotes with quotation marks and page references.) 
  3. Why is the research reported here relevant or important? 
  4. What topics from class or chapters in your text best relate to the research in your article?Please include page numbers to reference the text. Please includeat least 5 connectionsbetween your article and the textbook. 
  5. What questions or comments do you have about the research or the article?
The sample paper is attached.


How Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) Impact Adult Anger

Adverse childhood experiences influence cognitive and emotional development.

Posted June 6, 2021


To answer item 4: