How appropriate is this quotation for the overall intelligence community, given the exponential expansion of open source information, and are intelligence agencies prone to a problem of information overload?

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We basically went from no information to floods. It just started flooding with everything. So now you were getting unassessed intelligence. You know, just about anything anyone said might be a threat”. US Secretary of State Condalezza Rice, in the half decade post 9/11 attack period. (Cited in E Butmiller Condolezza Rice, An American Life p168 (New York Random Press).


The overabundance of the information characterized the challenge in the above situation as opposed to lack of information. The above statement is relevant from the perspective that the information processing and data clarification. Unassessed intelligence is crucial when dealing with security. Such is difficult since there is a significant need for examining the information as well as matching it to the trends and possibly lead to the vivid image of future attacks…

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