In a 2-3 page paper, you are to answer the three questions below based on your research of communication in criminal justice agencies and coaching and motivation of employees you read about this week. The objective of this assignment is not for you to state your opinion. You are expected to do research and utilize critical thinking skills. Please only use scholarly, credible websites (not Wikipedia or Focus on using resources from the Rasmussen library in the database . Make sure you include a minimum of three references in order to earn the maximum points per the rubric. Focus on using resources that are the most current. If you need help with your article searches, 
Before you start working on this assignment, it is strongly recommended that you check out. All work needs to be prepared in APA 7th formatting.
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  1. How can communication be improved in an organization that is structured in a traditional bureaucratic form? How might computerized communication be utilized to improve the effectiveness of communication in a bureaucratic organization?
  2. What are some major problems with implementing the ideas of a human service model of employee supervision in criminal justice organizations? How would employees react to such a supervision model?
  3. Read the following article: Are we training our staff to fail?: What suggestions are included in the article for how to motivate and coach employees through new training methods? What role does emotional intelligence play in the training techniques? Do you believe these suggestions would work in all criminal justice organizations? Why or why not?

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