Panswer using the attached readings, primary documents, images, and podcast episodes as evidence. looking for specific details from all of these sources to support your arguments rather than a general summation. You must draw evidence from the additional readings, podcasts, and primary sources (both documents and images). When referencing any of the sources, please cite the document and page number, or identify the podcast or image, in parentheses following the quote.

PROMPT (answer in essay format)
Historian David Roediger has written “The world got along without race for the overwhelming majority of its history. The United States has never been without it.”
How did the revolutionary ideals of liberty and equality paradoxically harden ideas of race and therefore racism in America?
How could a nation proclaim that all men are created equal and also sanction slavery?
Why was the idea of race needed to reconcile the two?
How did the artificial construction of race privilege whiteness and exclude African Americans and Indigenous peoples from enjoying the benefits of the new nation’s ideals?
Why were poor whites so central to the creation and maintenance of white supremacy?
What expectations did white Americans have about Black men and women and native peoples in their new democratic republic?

Sources to use in answering these questions:
“American Slavery: The American Revolution”
“America’s Original Sin. Slavery and the Legacy of White Supremacy”
“We the People in the United States”
RAP 10-1 Jefferson’s Indian Policy
RAP 10-3 A Slave Demands Freedom
RAP 10-4 Fears About Enslavement of Free African Americans
RAP 11-3 Tocqueville on Race in the United States
Image: Virginian Luxuries
Image: Battle of Cowpens
Image: Amalgamation
Podcast: “The Origins of Racial Segregation in the United States”
Podcast: “Freedom and the American Revolution”
Podcast: “Whose Fourth of July”