For this assignment, you will write a “guided” essay on one of the following topics. Use the McClellan and Dorn text as your starting point and effectively use at least one other scholarly source. Need help identifying appropriate resources? Use this APUS Library Online Research page to help.


Topic Choices:

A) How did the concept of deduction set ancient Greek mathematics apart from ancient Egyptian mathematics? Discuss specific mathematical principles known to each civilization.


Guided Essay:

1. Start with an introduction: this should be at least 3-5 sentences that summarize the main idea behind your essay. You will identify which topic you selected and make your main point.

2. Next you move into the body of your essay. Here you will write at least 3 paragraphs that outline specific evidence supporting your main point.

3. Finally, wrap it all up in a nice conclusion. This will be at least 3-5 sentences that summarizes your main point and evidence. Do not just repeat your introduction or use exact sentences from your body paragraphs.

4. Finish with references! Ideally, we want to practice APA formatting, so try to provide your references in that format. This APA Style Guide webpage is a great primer on APA formatting.