Write a paper that addresses cybercrime law in a particular area

. You may choose the specific modality of crime (e.g., child or revenge pornography, copyright violations, identity theft, etc.), but you may only choose one type of crime. Make sure to examine state, federal, and international law that seeks to reduce this type of criminal behavior.

 How do these laws allow police to conduct investigations?

 To what extent are these laws able to control cybercrime and how likely will the criminal justice system in general be at reducing this type of cybercrime?

Instructions: 1. The papers are to be double-spaced with Times New Roman 12-point font and 1-inch margins.

2. Your essay should be no less than 3 full pages and no more than 4 full pages.  

3. In addition to the quality of your response, your answers will be assessed for spelling,

neatness, grammar, and structure. Up to 20% of the grade for each answer may be deducted for poor writing.

4. You are encouraged to use outside sources for your paper in addition to the course material. Y