Portfolio Task 1: Reflective Report 1 – Title: How do you see your transition to university? (1,000 words –  Week 2)

Points to consider for your reflection

  • Description of learning experiences, transition to university and future plans should be kept to a minimum and is only there to support your reflective work
  • How does your understanding of your university experience fit with your previous educational and learning experiences? Where will it take you in the future? 
  • There are always different versions and understandings of how you see your time at university. These need to be explored drawing on contextual factors, influences from previous experiences and other people (e.g. old and new friends, parents, siblings, children, life partner, people of your cultural background, society in general).
  • Understandings of events can change over time – you need to look back at your learning journal to see whether you are finding yourself re-interpreting events and experiences from when you first started at university.
  • Focus on understanding the values which underpin how you see your university experience and how you can use these for goal setting for future life construction.