Assignment Information:

For the purpose of this assignment, determine what you will measure to determine the success of

the quality improvement project. The assignment should answer the following questions:

. How do your outcomes support your project goals?


What is your plan for measuring your outcomes? (i.e., surveys, questionnaires, other tools, data collection

procedures, analysis, etc.)


** Diabetes Self-Management Questionnaire-Revised by Schmitt (2015) will be utilized pre-and postimplementation of the project to assess participants’ knowledge concerning diabetes self-management.

** Pre-and post-Hemoglobin A1c test


**Self-monitoring of glucose log from American Diabetes Association

To measure the trend of blood glucose while participating in the project

** Will utilize SPSS to generate results


. Do these measures provide a picture of how well your goals were met?


 How will you disseminate the results to the team, leadership, organization?