How does air pollution affect the development of children in Los Angeles County?


  • Your selected topic
  • A summary paragraph or two about what you plan to cover in your paper. This can be short; a half page is fine. The summary should make clear how the topic you selected is an environmental health problem.
  • Include one reference you plan to include in your research paper. Write your reference in APA format. 
  • No in text citations are needed for this assignment. 

General Instructions:

  • Choose a topic in environmental health where you see a need for change.   
  • If you are not sure if the topic you choose is appropriate please see the instructor for approval. 
  • The paper must be of scholarly quality in APA format using appropriate references and citing your references
  • If you are not sure if a reference is appropriate, please talk with the instructor. 
  • Page requirements: 4-6 pages double spaced, not including reference list or title page
  • References: Must include at least 6 scholarly references. 
  • Your research paper is worth 15% of your final grade.  The paper will be graded out of 150 points. 

Content Requirements

  • Environmental health topic clearly defined
  • Background information about the environmental problem          
  • Key indicators, measures used to describe the problem  
  • The nature and magnitude of associated health effects  
  • Who is affected by it/discussion of target population       
  • Risk factors for the problem/how does exposure occur
  • Identification of past and/or current efforts to address the problem
  • How do you recommend the problem should be addressed? What is your rationale for these recommendations?