research papers should provide comprehensive information and conceptual

analysis (about 1500 words, which is around 3 pages single space, but please

use single and a half spacing)

. Write a final paper discussing Indigenous

resilience, emgagement in politics, vulnarebility or any of those issues

covered in class in relation to texts or artworks we have discussed/analysed in

class. You are free to choose a topic


. The essay can be dealing with the readings or movies we saw in class,

or a combination and a comparison of those.

these are some of the topic that you can write about:


How does

settler colonialism attempt to erase the lives and histories of people whose

lands were taken?





the powerful

testimonials of loss and survival of a modern day Indigenous American living on

an Indian Reservation




The voices of Guatemalan women

in leadership roles are featured throughout the film. Compare and contrast

their approaches, roles, vision, networks, etc.




Discuss the politics revolving

around federal recognition of tribes in the US (you can compare it again to

other context)




You can also reflect on the

speech by Sherry Mitchel that I sent for our final class




use quotes when you quote and then in the references list the books/articles

used. Use Times New Roman font 12, single and half spacing.