Capture the audience’s interest: A good way to start may be to think about what is appealing, interesting, controversial, or surprising about this topic.

Establish the importance and relevance of the general topic: why is this issue important? Is the issue current? Is it relevant to your readers?

What have others said? give a brief overview about the current debates surrounding the topic.
Establish your position & thesis: what is your position on the topic? What do you see as the problem? What can you add to the conversation?

II.      Contextual Information (Body Paragraphs)

Background Information: provide the necessary information that the audience needs to understand the research question. All evidence presented needs to be connected to your central idea.

Explain the context of the issue: What’s the history of the issue: 

How did people see this topic in the past? How do people view this topic now?

 Are there any important definitions readers need to know?

Counterargument- briefly discuss the research that supports it