This week you learned about leadership as a function of management. For this week’s assignment, you need to choose a leader of a Fortune 500 company that you can conduct some outside research on, and address the following about the leader in a two-page paper.


Name of the leader and the company and the industry the leader operates within.

Position the leader holds within the company and number of years the leader has held the position.

How did this person become the leader of this company? Did the leader create the company? Was he/she appointed? Did he/she work internally for the company or come from another company to take over? Explain.

Discuss the leader in terms of how he/she uses power in accordance with the five sources and types of power from French and Raven in your readings. Which does this leader rely on most? Least? 

Provide examples.

Discuss the leader in terms of traits (Trait research from the readings)

Select one leadership theory from your readings that most resembles this leader and discuss how it fits with this leader? Make sure to provide specific examples of how this leader has applied or used the concepts from this theory in his/her leadership and management practice.

How does this person’s managerial skills affect him/her as a leader?

 Is this person an effective manager? Why or why not? Provide support for your response.

How does this person’s abilities (or lack of abilities) as a manager affect him/her has a leader?