summarizing (briefly), analyzing (extensively), and responding to the viewpoint presented in “How Grammar Influences Income Actions”. conduct background research on the expertise of sources and validity of statistics, but all outside research should be clearly attributed in a frame and works cited.
Are the sources of information objective or are they biased?

 What is their expertise? Is this expertise relevant to their argument?
What tone does the author adopt? 

What can you say about this author’s rhetorical choices? Are the tone and rhetorical choices persuasive? Why/why not?
What Aristotelian appeals are utilized? 

Are these appeals effective?
Does this author use convincing evidence to support his/her point?

 (Tip: Recall ROC: Is the evidence relevant, objective, comprehensive?)
Does the author make any points that can be disproved?

 Do you notice any contradictions in the author’s argument?

If you disagree with this author’s argument, what alternative points can you offer?

If you agree with this author’s argument, how can you expand upon what he/she has said?