How has the globalization of Chinese culture and influence impacted this, and other, regions?

For this discussion board post, I would like you to consider East Asia’s role in global geography. Your post should consider some of the specific geographic concepts discussed in your textbook for this region, and questions such as:

·         Why, specifically, is this region so globally significant?

·         How has the globalization of Chinese culture and influence impacted this, and other, regions?

·         Why (and how) has oceanic trade been so important to East Asia?

·         How has this region’s global influence in the areas of economic growth and development and within the context of environmental concerns recently changed?

·         What events/policies/etc. have accounted for this expanding influence?

·         How do you see the region’s future playing out? 







For this assignment, you will conduct a layered thematic analysis for the South Asia region. This analysis entails studying a series of maps and describing/explaining what you see by responding to a series of questions, located in the file attached above.

To access the maps, login to the MasteringGeography site, click on the ‘Study Area’ tab, and then select ‘Chapter 9: South Asia‘ from the dropdown menu near the top of the page. From the ‘Student Home’ page, then click on the ‘Layered Thematic Analysis’ link under the ‘MapMaster South Asia’ heading. Once the window opens, access the appropriate map layers by using the tabs and dropdown menus in the upper left. You will not need to analyze every map layer for this assignment, but I encourage you to dig a little deeper here and explore some of the spatial patterns and distributions seen throughout this region!

As with your other assignments, please type your answers directly into the document above and submit it via the assignment link on Blackboard. As always, your responses should be thoughtful, well-developed, and draw from all relevant course material as well as your individual analyses.






For this assignment, please view the My Hanoi video associated with this chapter. You can access the video through the MasteringGeography website (Login, then proceed to Study Area–>Videos–>Chapter 10: TVE: My Hanoi).

After viewing the video, answer and submit the questions above. There is no word count requirement for your responses, but make sure that you fully respond to each question in as much detail as possible, citing specific examples from the video whenever possible! Type your answers directly into the document and submit it through the assignment link on Blackboard.




For your final discussion board post, I would like you to analyze and discuss the differences between the ways in which the governments of Australia and New Zealand have dealt with their indigenous peoples, and how immigration policies and practices and multicultural movements have differed between the two neighboring countries. How might the large expanse of ocean and the general isolation of the region define the culture in Oceania? Thinking a bit more broadly, how did World War II and the Cold War affect the Pacific Islands politically and demographically? (your textbook reading should be particularly useful for framing your discussion here..) Your post *might* also consider how Australian assimilation policies for aboriginal children have paralleled, in some ways, practices of the U.S. government toward Native American populations.


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