Visual representation allows for an aesthetic expression of your learning to date. The inclusion of original photos, along with accompanying text or audio, holds great potential to stimulate deeper and more meaningful exploration of course themes.


Individually create:


An image or short series of images that represent(s) concepts relevant to course themes and their own personal self-reflection.


The image must be accompanied by a written (up to 300 words) critical reflection in relation to your own personal experiences. The written response will explain the choice of your visual representation and how it relates to you and to the course content.


Here are some prompts to help guide your visual self-reflection and the words to explain your choice of visual:


How has your learning this communications course informed your understanding of yourself?

 Reflect on who you are and any impacts this communications course has had on this understanding.

your communication style, how you express yourself

your attitudes, emotions, openness

Do you embrace cultural identity and openness to others cultures?

your hopes

your relationships and responsibilities

Who are you and how has this course opened your understanding of yourself