Cultural and DEI issues


Describe 3-4 salient features that make this religion distinct from other religions.

How is spirituality understood in the religion?

How flexible is the religion to accepting alternative interpretations of scriptures, religious rules, and regulations?

How strictly do the followers adhere to the rules and guidelines in the scriptures?



Application prompt


Consider the following case study to determine how your chosen religion would respond to the questions below:


The Forrest Community Center (FCC) is a community organization that serves a very diverse population, including people from all types of denominations, generations, ethnicities, racial identities, and so on. This tremendous diversity creates challenges for the staff who wish to support everyone yet still respect those who follow traditional religious doctrines. The organization’s leaders do not want to exclude or alienate anyone.


Sometimes the FCC hosts fundraisers that celebrate LGBTQIA issues and identity. Other times the FCC has honored the accomplishments of women who have taken leadership roles typically reserved for men in their respective religions. Some believe the FCC’s leadership has preferred to hire those who actively practice their religion versus those who identify as non-religious, which could amount to religious discrimination.


How might your chosen religion respond to the FCC’s approach toward gender inclusion? Given what you know about gender in your chosen religion, do you think this religion would welcome having a woman leader?

How might your chosen religion respond to the FCC’s approach toward LGBTQIA inclusion? Do you think your group would disapprove of the FCC hosting wedding receptions and fundraisers for the LGBTQIA community?

How has your group experienced discrimination based on religious affiliation? How do you think religious discrimination can be avoided in our society and the workplace?

How would you recommend other similar organizations be equitable, diverse, and inclusive of everyone in their community?



Presentation format


Title slide – Religion’s name, your name, and Galen institution’s name.


Content slides – 10-12 (Excluding the title and references slides), your presentation should include your research on all the prompts, in the given order above. You may go beyond the slide limit.


Conclusion – Synthesize a summary of your content into a conclusion slide. Which aspects stood out for you, and how did learning about this religion contribute to your cultural competency?


Last Slide(s) – References in APA format. Include in-text citations in the body of the slides.