Cultural factors and considerations –

What are cultural (racial, ethnic, gender, LGBTQ+,


religion/spirituality, age, ability, etc.) factors that might be contributing to, exacerbating, or


mitigating the presenting problem? 


How might culture impact help-seeking or intervention






Current environmental, developmental, and family stressors.  Includes daily hassles,


losses, interpersonal conflicts, peer pressures, complicating medical conditions, involvement with


the legal/judicial system, trauma. Could also include living in high crime area, poverty,


homelessness, presence of racism, discrimination, lack of services.  Any big changes recently


experienced (e.g., recent change of job, residence, becoming sober/drug free, pregnancy, or new


baby). Also, history of victimization or neglect.  Could also include, family history of substance


abuse, family medical issues.