This assignment focuses on How missionary family views the Congolese‐villagers . There is also a description of postcolonial US-American literature.

How missionary family views the Congolese‐villagers  : postcolonial US-American literature

1/ The Topic: How does the missionary family views the Congolese villagers and other Africans (when the grow up) and how in return the Congolese view the narrators (Price girls)? (The poisonwood Bible, Barbara Kingsolver)
2/ The thesis statement: In the poisonwood bible novel Kingsolver uses powerful and dynamic characterization to address the themes of American conscious or unconscious arrogance, American colonial mindset of the Congolese and Africans, and ended up to change their perception of the indigenous people who in return view with skepticism and hospitality. (this thesis statement can be reformulated).

3/ Preliminary list of scholarship on the subject
I- Search for historical analysis of the colonization of the Congo


II- discussions on postcolonial US-American literature
III- literary criticism on the novel itself
IV- American literature that engages with missionary work in Africa

Firstly,introduce the Topic:
Secondly,articulating the initial version of the thesis statement and Mentioning the arguments
Thirdly, potential conclusion based on those arguments
– Preliminary list of scholarship you have found on the subject

at least 8 references

Detailed Instructions


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