How much of the wealth of the U.S. is owned by the bottom 60%?

less than 5%

between 5% and 15%

Between 15% and 30%

Between 30% and 50%I

made some arguments about what social justice is. What is your take on this issue?

How fair is our system? What makes for a fair system?

[please take 75 or more words to answer]

Name 2 sociological reasons the poor are poor.

One solution to the problem relative poverty in the U.S. is for the poor to work harder and get better educations.



Paul Piff’s studies demonstrate that _____________________. [choose 2]

Wealthy car owners are more careful drivers.

People winning a rigged game attribute their success to personal merit.

The rich are more likely to believe “generosity is for suckers”.

People who are poor tend to ignore social rules of fairness more than people who are rich.

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