How Organizations Manage Conflict




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Use your understanding of how to manage conflict to answer the following questions.


Imagine you want to use conflict in a positive way. You decide to create a sense of competition among your team members. Which of these tactics could create competition?


Acknowledge top performers in the company newsletter.


Hire an outsider to assess performance.


Throw a company party.


Require top producers to share their commissions with their teammates.


Capital One invites employees to work on special projects during hackathons. Employees can explore new technologies, rapidly push development forward, or just expand their network to include more colleagues interested in innovation. There’s always the possibility that more employees want to participate in the hackathon than there are roles available. If you were a hackathon team manager, how could you best address the conflict created by having more volunteers than open roles?


Stimulate conflict by making volunteers compete for the available roles.


Control conflict by expanding the resource base.


Eliminate conflict by avoiding the volunteers.


Eliminate conflict by assigning volunteers to another project team.


Your group mostly works well together. Sometimes there is conflict, but you address such conflicts with equal concern for all involved. Which resolution approach do you tend to use?




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