This assignment focuses on How should Jurisdictions deal with marijuana addicts,Treat them, ignore them, or incarcerate.

How should Jurisdictions deal with marijuana addicts

How should jurisdictions deal with marijuana addicts? Treat them, ignore them, or incarcerate? Academic Level : Bachelor Paper details. Firstly, his paper is intended to demonstrate depth of knowledge in a specific topic area. Secondly, your paper should include a brief introduction, a literature review (representing 4-5 pages) and policy recommendations (representing 3-4 pages).

Dealing with marijuana addicts

Thirdly, Your primary references should be books and scholarly journal articles. Fourthly, Avoid websites and media (newspapers, magazines) except to note the extent or scope of an issue. Additionally, select one of the five following topics and commence writing. APA style should be employed. This includes in-text citations (Pelfrey, 2013), avoiding footnotes and endnotes, and a works cited section at the end of the paper. See or for more.

If you have never written a literature review, do some research online concerning the development of a question and how to use scholarly literature to support your position. Be sure to label the sections of your paper. Also, use sub-sections if you choose. Font-12 point, Times New Roman Margins-1 inch all around Spacing-Double Spaced throughout . Besides. Title Page-Required, include paper title, your name, V#.

Detailed Instructions


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