The first coursework assignment requires you to write a 1500-word practical report summarising a piece of qualitative research that you have conducted. We will introduce the practical, provide you with some interview data, and give guidance on transcription and analysis during your workshops in week three, four and five. Marking criteria are provided .

How assignment satisfies leaning objectives/outcomes
The assignment satisfies the first three learning outcomes in terms of:

  1. Demonstrating knowledge of how to design, conduct, and analyse the results of qualitative studies
  2. Demonstrating a critical appreciation of the strengths and limitations of qualitative research methods
  3. Demonstrating an understanding of ethical considerations as outlined in the British Psychological Society’s Ethical Principles for Conducting Research with Human Participants as well as broader professional issues in psychological research, such as open science, replicability, and study pre-registration.

In addition, it also equips you with all transferable skills concerning:
        1.      Investigating problems using rigorous scientific methods

        2.      Identifying relevant, reliable, and valid sources of information

        3.      Analysing and interpreting qualitative data

4.      Writing clear and concise research reports and proposals

5.      Synthesising and summarising complex information