Start Research

Part 1: (the history)


What is the country’s history (it might not be a country -might be people within a country)


Answer the following:

1.Were they a colony?/ were their borders decided after WW1 or WW2? /

2.Were they part of an empire?

3.How were the people treated during the early times

4.Were different groups pushed into the same region

5.Were there underlying historical events between groups – that layed the foundation for the genocide

6.Who are the people on each side -what is their real difference

7.Is there are religious difference

8.Are their cultural differences (language, beliefs, food, work)  


PowerPoint presentation – you must be sure to fully describe the situation (as noted from the questions above)

And – be sure to answer: the points below – these points below will be part of the test

1.Who the people are

2.Where they live ( provide a map)

3.Did they have a homeland prior to the genocide

4.Do they have a homeland today