“How You Living’ through this Pandemic” Journal Discussion

Reflecting on the New (temporary) Normal: What has changed in your day-to-day life since COVID-19 became “a thing”? Which changes have caused the greatest imposition(s)? Which changes have led to the most distress? Which changes, if any, have been pleasantly surprising? Which changes have led to some relief of distress? Note: If your response to the last question is “None!” then create some changes that lead to stress relief; this might be new self-care and coping strategies you’ve employed.

Discussion: Addictions

Some say that addiction is disease and others believe its a choice. What do you think, and why. Please keep in mine that people are addiction to many different things. How do you believe that counseling, support groups, or other forms of treatments could help a person struggling with addiction. response includes reference to what was said, must be written in essay form, references to your personal experiences are okay, and/or a useful resource.

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