HR difference in US and Canada

The research paper needs to be based on the paper that has been already been provided by the instructor. it should summarize the paper given and add two more resources. You will select one journal article from the list of articles provided to you: You may wish to skim each article to find the one that is of great interest to you.  In your paper, you will describe the journal article for an audience of non-experts, using an appropriate level of detail and formality so that the specific issues addressed in the article are apparent. Your paper should NOT include the sections typically found in empirical journal articles (Introduction, Method, Results, Discussion). You are doing an essay paper. You must use APA style when citing articles in the text and for your reference section.  The goals of the paper are to:  1) Indicate why the general topic of the journal article is of interest to non-experts.  2) Describe the main conclusions that can be drawn in the study.  3) Critically evaluate the ideas presented in the journal article and provide further evidence for the evaluation you do.

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One of the significant difference between the HR in the US and Canada revolves around employment termination. In the US, an employer is allowed to terminate an employee at will in comparison with Canada’s approach where legal justification is needed for the employee’s termination. The article Canada update: important legal news and highlights of significant court cases from September 2011 through December 2011 present reports about the termination of employment in Canada. The article identifies that Canada promotes rules that need to be followed when terminating one’s employment. This is what led to Antonio Di Tomaso to win a court against his employer after he had lost his job as a mechanic and press maintainer(Tran, 2012)…

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