HR Research Report – Health Care Reform

The HR Research Reports should be 1500 – 2000 words (not counting title and reference pages) with no fewer than four references. References must include the four Research Articles from Weeks 1-4, and may additionally include the current textbook, other books, interviews, internet research articles, professional journal articles, etc. This is a formal written report and must follow all APA guidelines, including formatting requirements for title page, body, references, and citations. The completed Research Report will be worth 200 points. The Research Report should address all questions posed for the topic in-depth​, and with evidentiary support, and further develop the topic based on the student’s individual research. The final Research Report should be suitable for presentation as a synopsis for use by the executive HR level of an organization. Healthcare Reform What are the potential issues for employers? What are the advantages and disadvantages to employers and to employees? What are the potential additional costs, or avenues for cost savings, with the new requirements on employers? How does Healthcare Reform affect the Total Reward package of a company? What issues about benefits need to be addressed?

Quick Response

The first potential issues for employers regarding healthcare reform includes providing affordable healthcare insurance for all full-time employees. Such is an example of the challenges that the employer is likely to face. The challenge becomes magnified in the case where challenges are made occasionally hence forcing the employers to keep up with the changes under the Affordable Care Act and other related policies related to health care reforms. The employees enjoy financial management plans especially money meant for health insurance (Mazurek Melnyk & Fineout-Overholt, 2011). This is due to decreased instances of out-of-pocket spending on health care services. This influences the savings culture among the employees….

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