The assignment describes Human Resource Management. However, there is a description of Business Review Press. So, ensure you cite minimum one of our two textbooks and minimum one independent research source.

Human Resource Management – Business Review Press

Paper details:

Journal (70 points): Page references are from our textbook “The Heart of Change Field Guide” a) Read Pg. 35-40 of Step 2. Firstly, build Guiding Teams – then: (the readings will be attached as ”readings” ). Secondly, use Assessment Tool 2-1: (see attached) Sample criteria model: Selecting a guiding team member on Pg.39 to evaluate potential candidates to join your guiding coalition (CM team) at the workplace/organization/association/club. Also, present your results either in chart or paragraph form and change the existing criteria points and/or add further criteria points specific to your particular change effort if necessary. b) Assessment Tool 3-1.

Human Resource Management – Business Review Press

Additionally, the vision diagnostic on Pg.75 ( see attached) Read the instructions, then complete the questionnaire using your current knowledge. Present your results, including your answers to the five open-ended feedback questions on Page 76 as a key step to creating a clear and motivating vision for your change. Reflection (30 points): (these reading are the powerpoint slides and links ) Describe how the readings, assignments, activities, and discussion in Module 3 have affected your view of the role of HR in the CM process in your selected organization. Use examples from the course content, your personal experience, and independent research, citing your sources appropriately in APA citation style.

Human Resource Management – Business Review Press

Ensure you cite minimum one of our two textbooks and minimum one independent research source. References Burke, W.W. (2017). Organization Change: Theory and Practice (5th ed).Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications. ISBN-13: 978-1506357997 ISBN-10: 1506357997 Cohen, D.S., Kotter, J.P. (2005). The Heart of Change Field Guide (1st ed.). Boston, MA: Harvard Business Review Press.

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