The role of family connection and the so-called gene advantage is a well-known phenomenon in human history even though most countries, especially the USA, such practices might be considered bribery under federal law. In this week’s learning engagement after carefully studying the Case called It’s All in the Family (page 274), please answer the following questions from your perspectives:

  1. Explain why it is or is not a good practice to consider the connections a job applicant might have that could enhance an employer’s business portfolio.
  2. Discuss whether targeting the children of well- connected political or business leaders is ethical.
  3. Imagine that you are the Chief HR Officer for a company considering doing business in China. You have been informed that many of your competitors have implemented programs to hire the sons and daughters of influential Chinese leaders. What advice do you give to your executive leadership team? Whose interests would be most important in your policy decision?

Make sure you look into available scholarly references to support your opinion. Also in your replies analyze your chosen post from a critical point of view.


You have heard the term quid pro quo to win elections quite often in former President Trump’s impeachment. Guess what, the same charges were brought up against JPMorgan Chase’s hiring practices in China and costly punishment had been handed down to those involved. I would like you to research this and similar cases and share with us your opinion and findings.

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