PGBM158 Human Resource Management in Context

Timed Assessment January 2022

Answer any three questions from the list below:

The adoption of a strategic approach to Human Resource Management positively impacts upon organizational performance.  Critically evaluate this statement using specific examples.


How relevant would you consider these HR approaches, such as Best Fit, Best Practice and Resource based to be in a contemporary organization today. Illustrate your answer with specific examples.


Using specific contemporary examples evaluate how the political and legal framework effected the design of human resource management policies and procedures. 


Evaluate the impact that economic issues have had on the management of human resources in an organization with which you are familiar.


‘Global or Glocal’ – To what extent is International HRM limited by Contextual, Cultural or other regional/ national differences.


What steps can an organization take to ensure that they can still recruit effectively when facing the problem of an ageing workforce.


Using specific organizational examples, consider the impact Technology has on the deployment of HR policies, procedures and practices.


Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility need to be at the forefront of HR policy and practice.  Critically evaluate this statement.

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