Human Resource Management – Cultural Diversity Analysis

The assignment explores Human Resource Management, Moreover, there is an analysis of Cultural Diversity. So,   show what is known & unknown about this topic area.

Human Resource Management – Cultural Diversity Analysis

Here looking at – What skills/competencies are needed by Managers/Leaders of multi-cultural teams? For the skills/competencies question. You could ask existing managers for their views and also ask the employees what skills the managers need to have.  Then you could compare and see if managers and employees think the same or different skills needed. 

In general, the United Arab Emirates a very diverse country. Almost every single institute in the UAE has a multinational team, in both the government sector and the private sector.

Currently speaking, the writer working in a semi-government organisation, which multicultural teams in each and every department. Although the United Arab Emirates is very tolerant and cultural friendly country, issues and misunderstanding arise in workplaces because of people’s different cultures, languages and backgrounds.

Human Resource Management – Cultural Diversity Analysis

In addition, the writer noticed that few people have written in-depth about this subject. Specifically focused and based in the United Arab Emirates. Moreover, the prediction of new and interesting research results is hugely encouraging and exciting for the writer to search more about this subject and introduce it in the near future. o   It shows the importance, relevance & the interest of your work. It provides insights into existing work. It shows efficiency in literature that already have been written. Therefore, basically I need to show what known & unknown about this topic area + explaining the themes of the literature & show how my research will fill the “Gap”, or where to carry on where other people or author.. etc lift. I may choose a topic area where a lot of people already explored but should do it with different context & setting.

Human Resource Management – Cultural Diversity Analysis

o   I should be critical. Explaining the strengths & weaknesses of the existing job.

o   Show the reader that you know a lot about the topic area. You know what others have or may talked/written, similar area + How & what is my opinion and point of view about it + Who has differences as well in this particular area.

o   Please write the the LT with british English for example (Organisation instead of organization).

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