Human Resources Policies in a Specific Health Services Organization.

Prepare a final PowerPoint presentation with no more than 10-15 content slides. A cover and reference slide must be provided. -a summary of each (5 in total) organizational policy and the federal/state legislative roots for each policy (by name and statute), -any pending changes to the legislation (to each) -and your metrics for the organization in terms of performance (for each) Health Management Area Selected: ‘Human Resources’ Policies in a Specific Health Services Organization

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Companies embrace organizational policy as a way of guiding the employees and the company towards embracing the best practices. The major types of the organizational policy include security, health and safety, employee discount, and e-policies respectively. The above organizational policies have benefits arising from adhering to the policies including encouraged consistent organizational behavior. The policies also promote the provision of a framework for delivery of consistent service to clients, protection of the organization against legal liabilities, and helping protection of the organization as well as client proprietary information and other assets(Schreiber & Berge, 2018). Such policies are made through exploring activities and behavior that are thought to promote acceptable behavior. The¬†federal/state legislative roots in the context of¬† health and safety policies…

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