This assignment focuses on Human rights thought by Marie-Benedicte Dembour. There also an analysis of  Four Schools of Thought. So, are human rights universal and inalienable? Or ambiguous and controversial?

Human rights thought by Marie-Benedicte  : Four Schools of Thought

Compare and contrast the four schools of human rights thought discussed by Marie- Benedicte Dembour.

IMPORTANT :: please use the following reading :
Marie-Bénédicte Dembour, “What are Human Rights? Four Schools of Thought,” Human Rights Quarterly, 32, 1-20, 2010 . You may use the following if needed :

Raimundo Pannikar, “Is the Notion of Human Rights a Western Concept?” Di-ogenes 120, 1982, pp. 75-102.

M. Ishay (2010), “What are Human Rights? Six historical controversies”, Jour-nal of Human Rights, 3:3, 359-371

Human rights thought by Marie- Benedicte Dembour : Four Schools of Thought

S. P. Marks, “From the ‘Single Confused Page’ to the “Decalogue for Six Billion Persons’: The Roots of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in the French Revolution”, Human Rights Quarterly 20, 1998, 459-514

Andrew Clapham, Human Rights. A Very Short Introduction, OUP, 2007.
T. Benton, “Do We Need Rights? If So, What Sort?” in Rights. Sociological Per-spectives, L. Morris (ed.), Routledge, 2006, p. 21-36

in the essay make sure to answer the following questions :
Firstly, Are human rights universal and inalienable? Or ambiguous and controversial?
Secondly, Is the catalogue of human rights established and finite or is it open-ended?
Thirdly, Are human rights a matter of belief?
Fourthly, Are human rights a good thing?

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