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Compensation and classification are known as the building blocks, or foundation, of human resources. The classification system determines the type of job that should be created, and the compensation system determines the worth of that job. Consider the following scenario about this assignment:

You have been hired as a human resource consultant by the president of a large chain of jewelry stores in the city where you live. The position of Store Manager has recently become vacant, and they have hired you to create a new job description along with the appropriate salary range for the position. Complete and submit the following by the end of the week:

  • Create a draft job description for a typical Store Manager of a retail store. This position will be the response for the hiring, evaluation, and discipline of staff, meeting sales goals, participating in marketing strategies, and performing needed training and development of staff (in addition to ensuring the office is managed professionally).
  • The job description should include the essential functions of the position along with other duties typical of a retail store manager. Include the knowledge, skills, and abilities typical of a store manager of the type of operation, including the relevant education and experience.
  • Propose the appropriate salary range for the position within the Cincinnati area. In determining the salary, complete a brief compensation survey that compares 3 similar positions in the Cincinnati area, and then make the recommendation on the draft compensation (to include salary and benefits). Ideally, the salary survey will be created in a chart or table for ease of viewing.
  • Finally, submit the draft job description and compensation survey along with a brief two to three paragraph overview of the position, and compensation, along with two ideas and/or strategies the president of the organization should consider for finding the best person for this position.