A thoughtful and meaningful written reflection about your growth from this Diversity and Social Justice course will be submitted.

Your paper should include these components:

1. Identify at least three new growth revelations gained from this Diversity and Social Justice course.

How did you grow from this class?

Why do you believe you grew in these areas in your life?

What examples can you provide of your growth?

2. Connect and support these three growth lessons to the readings.

How does your growth connect to specific readings or research from the class?

Support your connection through proper APA and a reference page

3. Share how these lessons could impact your future profession and/or your contribution as a member of society.

How does the learning from this class affect your current role in society?

What implications from the growth of this class do you believe might affect your future profession?

In what ways can you continue to grow in the realm of social justice?

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