Write a report (maximum 6 pages) which includes details of how you generated your
training set, how you represented the patterns in pixel matrix, how effective your
ANN was at learning the training patterns including details of all parameters used,
and how accurate your trained ANN was on the three test sets. In your conclusion
evaluate what you have done, including references to the ability of the network to
degrade gracefully in the face of noise.
2. Consider one or more of the following variations:
a. Amend the ANN architecture so that the network returns good results despite the
increasing severity of changes to the test patterns;
b. Identify at what point the ANN fails to recognise characters, no matter what you do
to try to improve the architecture.
c. Instead of removing or adding bits at random for your test set, remove and add bits
at random.
d. You may wish to compare your ANN results with another of the methods under
Functions in Weka.