Your report should: 1) identify Pepsico’s corporate strategy, 2) evaluate the strategic fit across the value chain for its business units, 3) review recent financial performance and generic strategy of each of the various business units and the overall company, and 4) offer recommendations concerning how to enhance the company’s strategy and future performance. Write this report as a single essay. Do not divide you exam into four separate answers.  To ensure full credit, be sure to refer to all Exhibits identified below within the text of your report.

Please include as separate Exhibits any analyses that you relied upon to reach the conclusions in your report. For full credit, you must refer to your exhibit in the 600 words of the report for the material in the exhibit to count for your grade, as for example, “… as shown in exhibit 2.” The exhibits should include, at a minimum these four:

1.    A Value Chain Analysis that highlights the strategic fit across Pepsico’s portfolio and value chain match-ups and opportunities for skills transfer, cost sharing, or brand sharing,
2.    An assessment of the competitive position of each of Pepsico Company’s different business units including  a separate SWOT or five forces model for each of the various units,
3.    An assessment of the financial performance of Pepsico Company’s various business units including their sales growth and profit margin trends as well as the relative contributions of the various business units to revenue and profit
4.    A Financial Analysis of the overall firm that should include at a minimum: revenue growth rates and trends, profitability levels (i.e. as percentages) and trends, and an assessment of the firm’s financial position based upon the most recent financials in the case study