Use Sklar’s Movement Observation Guidelines (attached) to analyze a 3-5 minute excerpt of dance from our class videos, anything except the “Haka” or “Poi.”

Pick video that is dancing, not talking; pick one that you are interested in.

Identify the dance and the artist(s) at the top of your document.

Make your analysis cohesive, concise and direct. You won’t be able to cover everything.

Tell me what you see and try to describe the dance in context using Sklar’s guidelines for analysis.

Use Sklar’s headings (must be labeled):

what you notice
space/floor pattern
focus of attention &
making connections
You must discuss movement and the dance in context. I will grade on how closely you follow Sklar.

Here is a rubric:

Sklar must be followed: “what do you notice?, setting, time, shape, space: floor pattern, focus of attention & making connections.” Answer these questions directly.
Use logical clarity and flow; concise but easy to follow.
Use proper quotes and italics rules including single quotes. Works of art are usually in quotations unless they are multi sectional, then use italics [“Haka” and Swan Lake]. Periods and commas inside quotation marks – U.S. rules, not U.K.
Use Present tense to describe works of art; also avoid passive voice. “The dance happens,” vs. “the dance is happening…”
Avoid comma splices: two complete ideas joined with a comma. Either use a semi-colon, or make it two sentences.
Spelling – no excuses. Many dance terms have accents, e.g., plié.
Proofread! Have somebody else read it.

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