Identify the issue concerning higher education in the United States.

Identify the issue concerning higher education in the United States.

State your claim about your issue.


Discuss any roadblocks you encountered while working on your argument. Any surprises? This section should include the most interesting and most compelling information you


encountered, collected, and synthesized.


Also, you should engage with at least two (2) of your four (4) sources; and one of these two sources should offer a counter-argument.


How You Should Deliver Your Presentation


This depends on your level of comfort, but it is almost always more interesting if you speak to the audience instead of reading to them. It helps to have an outline of “talking points” to guide your presentation.


Speak clearly, slowly, and enunciate.


Run through your presentation at least twice before class, and ask a friend to give you some constructive comments.


Use a visual aid, such as PowerPoint slides or a Prezi, to draw your audience’s attention and emphasize important points.


Stick to your five minutes.



Suggested Presentation Template


Introduction [1 minute]


Overall issue[one sentence] and clearly defined aspect of the issue that you will discuss in the presentation [2-3sentences]


Your claim/thesis and details [3 minutes]


Depending on your audience’s needs, consider using the Classical structure outline or a


Delayed- Thesis outline (Rogerian). You might ask yourself: what do I want my audience to gain as a result of listening to my presentation? How does my researched argument contribute to the debate about the issue I have identified?


o                  Point 1


o   Point 2 o Point 3


Conclusion [1 minute]: Presentation conclusions need not repeat the introduction: you might conclude with an interesting anecdote that illustrates your larger claim, questions that you still hope to answer, or something that you learned from doing this assignment that will be useful to you in your college career.

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