Assignment: Business Ethics Speaker Reports

For this assignment you will need to watch/listen to Speaker videos and complete a full

summary for the speaker video.

Category 2: Climate Change as a Human Rights Issue: Business & Society Speaker Videos.

Questions: Answer these 6 questions below for the video.


 Please summarize the speaker’s video topic. (~ 500 words — i.e. 1 page double-spaced)


: Identify three points that you learned from the talk, and how each is related to a course

concept in BUS 682.


: Please reflect on how the topics you learned from this talk might change your lived



: Bringing it home: Relate the talk to the section “Bringing it home”. What practical steps can

you take to support local activities at SFSU, in your career or in your own community?


 Did you agree or disagree with the speaker’s premise? 

What factors were not considered in

this video/podcast? 


 What might the speaker have done to better engage your attention and help you learn?