1.Identify which legal topic you will explore, and explain:
    1.Why are you interested in this topic?
    2.How might you narrow it down for the purposes of this project?
    3.What do you think is going on here? What do you anticipate your thesis might be?

2.Propose a format for the final project, specifying:
    1.What format did you choose?
    2.What is your plan – how will you make this a reality?
    3.What is your timeline for executing your plan?
    4.How will your final project address all of the seven (7) required parts of the final project (including how you will use the reflection to do this)?
    5.If all goes according to plan, what do you expect to submit on Tuesday, March 15 before midnight?

3.Provide two sources directly related to the country and topic of your choice and annotate them in 100-150 words (describe what they’re about, the major points, and how it relates to your project)

5.Given the rough draft due on March 6, what do you think ~30% complete will look like for your particular project?