1. Identifying your specialist design issue/question to research

This document will be used as the basis for feedback in tutorials and group sessions and is also an indicator used for student engagement at final assessment. You should make a copy and upload to your CCS folder on Teams.

Highlight in the first two columns your choice and in the third column type in your ideas for the specialist design issue/question you wish to explore. 

If you are unsure, identify in a couple of options, but be aware these will need to be narrowed down to one specialism by Week 7. 

See examples posted on BB of CCS Design Reports from previous years.


Broad Design Practices Specific Design Area

Specialist Design Issue/question

Here you note your own focused design issues that you are interested in researching


Kinetic type

Digital fonts

Font licensing / Open source fonts

Variable fonts

Type and coding: functional programming font ligatures 

Why does …..

EXAMPLE : How can layout and typography make code beautiful and how this would change the programming experience : ‘Programs are meant to be read by humans, and only incidentally for computers to execute.’

Design Theory

Sustainable design

Human-centred design

Design for good

Participatory design

Politics of design

Why does …..

How can ….


Information Design

Data journalism

Data visualisation

Infographics (Isotype)

Wayfinding (signs)

Why does …..

How can ….


Interaction Design

User experience

User interfaces

Service design

Why does …..

How can ….


Packaging Design


Second-life recycling


Why does …..

How can ….


Motion Graphics

Text animation

Web animation

Opening titles

Kinetic type

Why does …..

How can ….



Signs and symbols (semiotics)

Identity / Logo


Why does …..

How can ….


Design History





Why does …..

How can ….


Design Profession

Freelance vs Studio

Relationship with the client

Decision making (hierarchical vs co-operative)

Why does …..

How can ….





Graphic novels

Illustrated books


Why does …..

How can ….



Experimental books / Artists books



Digital publishing platforms

Why does …..

How can ….


Visual Representation



Dominant cultural design narratives

Why does …..

How can ….



We are looking for Specialist design issues/questions that explore the context of :

  • New and innovative thinking
  • New and innovative tools
  • New and innovative approaches
  • Contemporary contextualization of past practices 

 CCS in the 3rd year is not descriptive writing, it is expected to be critical and analytical.

If you identify a specialist area of design/illustration practice not included in the list above, that’s totally fine, just check it with a CCS tutor to make sure you are on the right track.

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