1. If you were to start a business. which ownership forrn would you choose? What factors might affect your the choice?

 2. Why might an investor choose to become a partner in a limited partnership instead of purchasing the stock of an open corpora.?

 3. Discuss the following statement: “Corporations are not really run by their owners..

 4. What kinds of services do not-for-profit corporations Provide? Would a career in a not-for-profit corporation appeal to you?  

5. Is growth a good thing for all firms? How does manage-ment know when a firm is ready to grow?

 6. As an entrepreneur. you’ll face lots of tough and some-times ethical decisions. In the situation described below, what . you think is the right thing to do. A potential customers wants to visit your place of business. Should you introduce friends as .employees” and -customers” so your firm looks bigger and busier?