Imagine that you are an educational consultant with global expertise hired by a Governor of a U.S. state. The Governor wants to know whether there is a country that has instituted reforms that have significantly improved its performance in an area where the state has failed to make headway.  

Use these resources:

• ●  NAEP Report Card – for US State performances on the latest NAEP test  


• ●  OECD, 2018 PISA; Insights and Interpretations NAL%20PDF.pdf

You may also choose to recommend a reform based on one of the countries: Finland or Korea.  

Prepare a proposal to the Governor  – in which you 1) set out the reasons why the innovation is needed (based on that state’s performance with respect to the topic area) 2) describe the reasons why your chosen country has a superior approach and 3) propose how the reform might be rolled out and what metrics will be used to test out whether it can or should be scaled up.  


1. Use the Educational Performance of States: A State-by-State Snapshot to identify one state that is scoring below average against 2-5 metrics (reading assessment, dropout rates etc).  

2. Review the state’s performance in the context of one of the International Comparisons in Education.  

1. Review (at a minimum) three peer reviewed articles relevant to the way that the innovator country’s high score in the specific area you have selected might be explained.  

2. Draft a proposal to the Governor in which you:  

0. Describe the innovation and set out the research-based factors behind the  

innovation’s success  

1. Provide clear evidence that the state is failing in the areas that the innovation  

seeks to remedy  

2. Provide a plan for introducing the reform on a limited basis and adapting the  

reform to local needs