This BCO217 DIGITAL Business assignment explores  Impact in the global economy in regards to digitalization and digitization on business processes.

BCO217 DIGITAL Business : Impact in the global economy

FinalAssignment. BCO217DIGITAL Business Task brief & rubricsTask. So,the actual COVID-19 outbreak is having a huge impact in the global economy. The need for digitalization and digitization on business processes, services and products is more evident than ever. Besides, the value for digital driven models is increasing, as companies engaging on digital innovation and transformation are likely more capable to overcome the actual crisis. Student need to identify from the given list, one company fulfilling atleast one of the following conditions:•Identify an organization under significant threat from actual restrictions, but quickly innovated digitally their operations to mitigate impact. Besides,describe which capabilities they had, and what processes have been implemented to enable positive changes. Then, identify one organization that has been affected by the outbreak and recommend how can they leverage digital strategies to grow again. Also, identify an organization experiencing significant growth during the outbreak because of its digital business model.

BCO217 DIGITAL Business : Impact in the global economy

Indicate if this growth is just circumstantial and short term or not. Also give recommendations to sustain this growth after normalization. Student must elaborate an essay describing and explaining all the elements involved in the business strategy of the company under the actual circumstances.Formalities:•Wordcount: 2000-2500 words.Font: Arial 12 pts. Text alignment: Justified. The in-text References and the Bibliography have tobe in Harvard’s citation style.(Not included in the wordcount). So, it assesses the following learning outcomes: Firstly, analyze the development of competitive advantage through digital technology. Secondly, identify current trends and technology in digital businesses. Thirdly, understand how digital technologies can be integrated within business. Fourthly, describe the digital business and compare it with non-digital businesses. Fifthly, analyze and assess different approaches to the development of digital platforms.


List of Companies: 1. Walmart

2. Tesco. 3. Expedia

4. Air France EU Business School


7. Netflix•HBO, Cirque Du Soleil, DAZN

ESPN•McDonalds, KFC, Asos, Burberry•BBVA, Caixabank

Rubrics. Excellent 90-100%Good 80-89%Fair 70-79%Marginal Fail 60-69%Fail <60%. Knowledge Student demonstrates thorough understanding of content. Student demonstrates considerable under-standing of content. Also, student demonstrates some understanding of content.Student demonstrates limited understanding of content. Student demonstrates no understanding of content. Critical-thinking. Besides,there is good evidence of critical appraisal of ideas and concepts, the insights are outstanding. Lastly, evidence of critical analysis is generally weak but is at a reasonable level for this point in Digital Business

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