Coronavirus Diseases 2019 or also known as Covid-19 brought us a lot; from our emotional, mental health, physical health, psychological, and social well-being. This Pandemic has affected us in all aspects as well as our world. The people are affected with this not just the people it self but also the jobs, works, opportunity, dreams, goals in life that we want to achieve in life.

Since the Pandemic Coronavirus Disease 2019 or the Covid-19 came we all people are affected from this. We our lives are affected on this which includes our emotional, mental health, physical health, psychological, and our social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and also how we act; this may affect our mental health and physical health as well we feel the anxiety as well as the loneliness that brought us to be stressed. Now days that we are experiencing the global pandemic which is the Covid-19 we’ve experience overthinking, loneliness, anxiety, depression which we are facing and experiencing perhaps we are getting worsen and worsen. The pandemic have a lot of affected and cause that might people are committing suicide because of the overthinking, anxiety and especially is when that person or people are depressed.

Coronavirus has a great impact to our world as well as our society because of this a lot of people loss their jobs, opportunity, dreams, goals that we want to achieve in our life. 

But it also have a positive side because we are much have time to spend for our family, relatives and friends that we’ve not seined and communicate for a long time. In this pandemic we’ve realized the importance of “LIFE” because we realize the essence of life and its importance  that “ life has a value like a precious stone that we should keep and take care” because life is too short we don’t know if later, tomorrow, in a few minutes or seconds we can affect with this virus. Since the pandemic has come we are look like in a jail that was hide from the darkness the world is getting worsen and worsen our country Philippines was lockdown also in our different municipalities and various towns was also lockdown’s because of increasing the cases and number of death caused by Covid-19 in our country we’re we are going to undergo to different categories of the quarantines in our municipalities and provinces which were the affected positive cases needs to undergo to the isolation facilities that were they are going for them to be cured. See covid-19 brought a lot of challenges and changes from the normal to the new normal set up. Do you speak Covid-19?

 If you can a lot of us people ask and throw you our questions that are made from our minds, how can we survive?

 Why do people need to undergo and experience this?

 Thus it help us to live a proper and in good life status?

 Can it be beneficial to us?

 This are some of our questions that are running in our minds. Thus Covid-19 really speak if yes please make us

 realize what you want to speak for us, what message is it?

Do you speak Covid-19? I’ve realized that this pandemic came for us to value our lives and how we take care of it, life must go on and no pandemic shall stop us to seek for our betterment of our selves, our life, and our dreams to achieve in life.