The assignment talks about Impact of COVID-19 On Businesses. Also, there is a description of Organisation Strategy Management. So, include entirely new material in the conclusion.

Impact of COVID-19 On Businesses – Organisation Strategy Management

Description Conclusions and Recommendations: A summary of key findings providing an explanation of their significance • Logically derived from the foregoing analysis • Understanding of the significance of the foregoing analysis Remember that your conclusions must be clearly drawn from your findings. Address the aim and objectives you set earlier in the assignment. A common mistake is to include entirely new material in the conclusion. This is not appropriate. The conclusions should arise logically from what has gone before. This chapter should be clear, succinct and encapsulate the important issues and findings.

Impact of COVID-19 On Businesses – Organisation Strategy Management

Recommendations for action must be included. These should be expressed in a clear and practical manner. These should directed to your audience/stakeholders (organisations, managers, researchers) and address issues such as strategy, management decisions. Self-Reflection: A personal reflection on the process and on the limitations of the foregoing analysis (how might these limitations affect your results?) • Did the process of undertaking deviate in any way from the proposal? If so, why? • What did you learn from the process?

Impact of COVID-19 On Businesses – Organisation Strategy Management

• What are the limitations and how might these limitations have affected the results? • What might you do differently if conducting future research and/or if you were to do the research again? Talk about the impact of COVID-19 making it further difficult to find willing participants. Many food businesses closed down to work on re-organising their business so asking them to participate in this assignment through online means was difficult.

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