This assignment is about the Impact of Culture on Native Population. It also discusses about the Colonial New England AB. Therefore, list the outcomes of these interactions in-depth and how they shaped colonial New England through  research.

Impact of Culture on Native Population – Colonial New England AB

The interactions among the Native Americans and Europeans carved from place to place. The members from each side forged the relationships in varying ways regarding the various social, economic, and political factors. The European colonization for North America brought a great impact on the native population. This caused a change in their way of life within a short period. These changes commenced subtly after the years of contact and trading. Among the first changes included the shift in the religious traditions of the Native Americans.

This is depicted in how Native Americans’ mythological narratives were changed to incorporate the Europeans’ existence. Another significant change included the establishment of Christianity and hence a shift from the ancestral form of worship. So, this changed their cultural identity. Therefore, using both primary and secondary sources. While, including the peer-reviewed journals and books, my  research seeks to explore how these interactions influenced the change in cultural identity. Lastly how they ultimately shaped the culture of colonial New England.

Impact of Culture on Native Population – Colonial New England AB

My research will also delve into the psycho-cultural marginality, personal and social disorganization that emerged when the two groups of people lacked access to their traditional norms and values. For instance, the native Americans encountered forced displacement, removal, and cultural genocide. This was through the attempts of re-socialization and assimilation. I hope to list the outcomes of these interactions in-depth, to show how they shaped colonial New England through  research.


Rubertone, Patricia E. “The historical archaeology of Native Americans.” Annual review of anthropology 29, no. 1 (2000): 425-446.

Toulouse, Teresa A. The Captive’s Position: Female Narrative, Male Identity, and Royal Authority in Colonial New England. University of Pennsylvania Press, 2013.

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