The assignment talks about the Impact of Enhanced Business Intelligence. Besides, there is a description of Recreating an Experiment. So, describe possible extensions to the study, if any.

Impact of Enhanced Business Intelligence – Recreating an Experiment

Description Areas of databases and business intelligence. Firstly, recreate an experiment conducted in a recently. Select a study to recreate which has published in the last two years. sure to select a study that repeatable using a provided dataset. Once you have selected an interesting paper, address the following: Secondly, describe the issue addressed. Indicate why it important and if this an agreed-upon concern. • Describe what was accomplished by the study and what was not achieved.  Determine if it was appropriate and justify your response. • Describe the study results and the contribution it made to the body of knowledge, if any. • Describe possible extensions to the study, if any.

Impact of Enhanced Business Intelligence – Recreating an Experiment

In what ways can the study enhanced or modified to provide additional value? Discuss any limitations or assumptions held within the study and how they can addressed. • Present the study’s experiment that will reproduced. Ensure to outline the setup and resources utilized. • Determine how you will reproduce the experiment. Explain how your experiment differs from the original and in what ways were they the same. How do your results compare with the original results, and what conclusions can drawn with the additional data provided by your experiment?

Impact of Enhanced Business Intelligence – Recreating an Experiment

• Finally, reproduce the experiment and document the setup, procedure, and results. Create any tables, graphs, raw results, or aggregate reports that would allow for direct comparison with the original study. Support your paper with scholarly and industry resources. In addition to these specified resources, other appropriate scholarly resources, including seminal articles, may be included. There should be a total of at least 12 external scholarly references.

Detailed Instructions

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