This assignment focuses on Impact of financial developments on poverty. There is also a  Study on banking industry. So, explore; how banking developments have progressed in the UK

Impact of financial developments on poverty – Study on banking industry

To summarise briefly the question will explore; how banking developments have progressed in the UK? How does this affect poverty over time? (e.g. Microfinance, impact on poverty in UK, Impact on poverty in China, and make consistent links and comparisons throughout.) Focus primarily on these countries avoid commenting on other countries for reference.

Look at different measures banks take to be competitive e.g. better technology, deregulation, physical stores compared to online banking and how that impacts consumer welfare. Therefore, will be concluding after my research that if consumer welfare is always considered when banks are trying to be competitive. 

Impact of financial developments on poverty – Study on banking industry

Empirical investigation of the link between financial development and economic growth has established that finance exerts a significant and positive influence on growth. This paper extends this line of analysis by examining the contribution that financial development makes to poverty reduction in low‐income countries

Planned or desired outcomes

The assignment seeks to add value in understanding this sector and how consumers respond to change by banks competing in the market. Besides, the gaps remaining is if the welfare loss for consumers is permanent.  Or  also does over time the welfare loss decreases. It is to also find out if banks even focus on consumer welfare when looking for change (be more competitive).

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